Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finding that connection...

Here is an un-edited shot that I took about a year ago in the old historic section of Roseville, CA.  I was on a photo-shoot and had this beautiful female model in my camera lens when I noticed that her eyes kept peering over to a young gentlemen that was walking through the neighborhood with some of his buddies.
These guys were intrigued by the shoot itself and had their sites locked in on the gorgeous gal.  My model yelled out "I want him... in the shoot", pointing a finger toward one of them.  I looked at him, asked him if he'd ever modeled, and also if he were interested in jumping into the shot.  With some shyness, he replied that he never modeled before and then his friends coaxed him into standing next to the female model. His buddies were laughing and joking.  I then asked (after I had him sign a model release form) if he would mind taking his shirt off.  He looked at me for a quick second and then obliged and removed his shirt.  My model was smitten by his bravado and you could feel the electricity coming from their mutual attraction.  I stepped back and let the shutter fly!  Find the connection and feel the energy... That was a fun shoot!

See more of this shoot on my website (  Here is the shot in post production...

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